Civil War Fabric Swap

Welcome to my blog! I created this site to share quick block designs, BOW (Blocks of the Week) and BOM’s for my Facebook group Thimbleberries & Traditional Quilts. Along the way I’ll share personal opinions and insights from my 20 plus years quilting while we get acquainted.

Today is the intro for our Civil War fabric swap.

10” Group Fabric Swap

Buy or shop your stash for unwashed quilt shop Civil War reproduction fabrics. Please be sure these are authentic reproductions of the era; Barbara Brackman prints are a good example. If you are not sure if your fabric meets the criteria, ask an educated friend, post the info to the group with a pic, google it or contact the manufacturer.

How much to buy/cut? Well, how many pieces do you want back? Assuming we have 20 people plus the hostess (me), you will send 21 squares and get 20 back. The hostess keeps that extra square as thanks for the time and effort involved in curating the swap; I’ll also test it if there is a question about colorfastness. If you want more squares, send another set of squares. Each set you send should be all the same fabric, and additional sets should each be all the same of different fabrics. You will then get 2 sets back, but each of the sets will contain all the same fabrics as the other.
Once the swap members are all signed up, I’ll post to the group how many we have so you know how many squares to cut for each set.
You will then buy 1 to 2 yards (depending on the number or participants; you will get 12 10-inch sqs per yard) of quality quilting fabric in the specified theme, and carefully and accurately cut them up into squares. If shopping your stash, be sure to use unwashed quilt shop fabric. Once you have cut up your squares, you will mail them to your hostess in a Ziploc bag clearly labeled with your name, address, and email, along with a prepaid self-addressed stamped envelope for returning your squares. Your postage will vary depending on the number of participants, and will be revealed later. Once the hostess receives everyone’s squares she will sort them out, and send back a new square stack to each participant. Remember, you will receive one identical set for each different set you send in.

We need at least 20 people for this to be interesting. Let me know if there are questions!

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2 thoughts on “Civil War Fabric Swap”

  1. I like this swap idea. Sounds like a great way to share the experience of this quilt. Building even more sentimental value for it.

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