Block of the Week Starts!!

Ok, this is a fun and no pressure thing. Every week I’ll post a new block, not too simple and not too complex. Make one or 12, as you like. Skip a week if you are too frazzled – but do go pet your fabric for a few minutes – that’s just good therapy! As we go, I will offer setting options, and you can stop at any time and set what you have into a quilt. Or make them all with similar-value backgrounds and place them all side-by-side with no sash or borders – you’ll need 49 blocks for a queen 84×84 in that case.
If you have questions, send me a note on the Facebook page or email me and I will try to help.
Thimbleberries & Traditional Quilts

This week’s block: Road to California! General fabric info is provided, but what you end up needing will depend on how many blocks you make. Consider it an exercise in loosening up!

BOW 1 Road to Cali

Week 2: a simple birdhouse block!

BOW 2 Two Birdies

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